LANDLORDS Frequently Asked Questions

How will my tenant be selected?

Your potential tenant/s will have to pass a strict vetting process, to include Bank Validation, Employment and Landlord references plus a credit check via a specialist agency

What is the tenancy term?

Usually, this is a six month short hold assured tenancy. After six months, you then have the option to extend or go onto a month by month basis which is called a periodic tenancy. If you wish to secure a longer tenancy period initially e.g 12 months then this can be
arranged, as long as the tenant is in agreement

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a detailed document which describes the property's condition room by room. It is important to have an inventory or you cannot make any legitimate deductions at the expiry of the tenancy from the tenant's deposit.

How much deposit is held?

This is at the landlord's discretion but Rent It! would recommend holding a minimum of one month's plus £100. Once the deposit is taken at commencement of tenancy, it will need to be placed with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service). With our managed service, this will be taken care of for you.

What if my tenant does not pay the rent?

Under our Fixed Management Service of just £49.99 pcm we offer FREE Rent & Legal Protection. Our Professional Property Management Team will endeavour to take every reasonable step to ensure that we receive payment from your tenant with the assistance of our specialist Rental Insurers.

What happens if a repair is needed?

Depending on the reported incident, Rent It! property management team would qualify who is liable i.e. landlord or tenant. A qualified contractor would then be instructed to carry out the repair, subject to the necessary approval from yourself. The bill will then be deducted from your next rental income.

Will My Property be Checked regularly?

On all of our Managed Properties Rent It! Will visit the property every Three months and complete an in depth inspection of its condition and use. You will then receive a written report from us to confirm any issues that may need our/your attention.

I live overseas do I need to do anything before my property can be let?

Overseas Landlords are required to register with HMRC the fact that they will be receiving an income from a rental property as a Non – Resident. You will be required to complete an NRL1 form otherwise we are subject to deducted 20% of your income in receipt of payment from your tenant to forward onto HMRC.

TENANTS Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started?

First things first, locate suitable properties and arrange some viewings using our web based rental search.

Register your details on our Interactive applicant registration system and one of our friendly, experienced Team will be on hand to ensure you see the right properties for you at the time best suited to your needs.

How Do I secure the property I Like?

Simple! Once you found your perfect property our trained negotiators will take you step by step through our Tenancy Application process. You will need to pay an Administration and Referencing fee to secure the property off of the market which is a standard practice throughout the industry.

Do I need to bring any references with me?

No! Once you have completed your tenancy application we will provide you with a comprehensive referencing form to complete. This form will collect all the information we need to complete your references for you. All you will need to do is inform your Employer and any Landlord you may have that they will be contacted for a reference in relation to your rental search.

How long will my Contract be for?

This normally depends on the length of Term you offer and the Landlord initially agrees too. The most common fixed period is 6 months, after which the tenancy can be extended into another fixed term or be allowed to run on a month by month basis.

During any fixed term period you are obligated by the terms of the contract for this period and are required to serve one months notice to end the agreement (providing this is no sooner than the initial 6 month term) once this period has ended and it has been agreed your contract can role month on month you will be required to serve one months written notice on the anniversary date of your contract.

If the landlord requires possession of the property then he would have to provide you with 2 months notice, providing it is not sooner than the initial six month term.

Is My deposit safe?

Yes! Agents and Landlords our required to ensure that your deposit is registered within a Government approved Deposit Scheme.

All of our Managed Tenancies will have their deposit registered within the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) from which you will receive a unique ID code so that you can check your money is still safe.

Do I Need Insurance?

We recommend that all of our tenants possess contents insurance prior to taking occupation of a property. A good Tenants Contents Insurance will not just offer protection from damage and Theft to your personal items but also provide Accidental Damage Cover to Items of the landlords such as Carpets.

For More information on tenants Contents Insurance please call HomeLet on 0845 111 2222 and inform the operator that you are renting with Rent It! in Gloucester.

Will I need to provide you with anything else to move in?

Yes, we will need to take a copy of Proof of I.D. and Proof of Address for all Tenants and Guarantor Listed on the Tenancy agreement.

Here is a List of Acceptable Items:

Photo ID
Driving Licence (Card and Paper Version)
Armed Forces / Police ID
Citizens Card

Proof of Address
Utility Bill
Council Tax Bill
Mortgage Statement
Credit Card Bill
Insurance Policy